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Monthly Archives: February 2019

    7 Ideas for a Romantic Valentine’s Day at Home

    By Admin | February 6, 2019

    You know the saying: “Home is where the heart is.” So why go anywhere else for Valentine’s Day? While others scramble for dinner reservations and book expensive getaways, you can relax and enjoy a romantic night in the comfort of your own home. Here are 7 creative ways you can turn your home into a... Read More

    And you wonder why my seller didn’t choose your offer?? Really??

    By | February 6, 2019

    And you wonder why my seller didn’t choose your offer?? Really?? You email me your offer… No, better yet… You fax me your offer. No warning, no notice, and I have no idea who you are. I mean, it’s ok if I don’t know you, but it’s NOT ok if i’ve never talked to you.... Read More

    5 Secret Sources of Down Payment Money

    By | February 6, 2019

    Whether you are planning to put down a full 20 percent or pulling together the cash for a 3.5 percent down payment for an FHA loan, your down payment might be the biggest single cash expenditure you ever make. Some scrimp and save for years, while others can ready the cash with less difficulty, but... Read More

    6 Signs A Home Might Be “The One”

    By | February 6, 2019

    You might have heard that saying about the number of fish there are in the sea – the sea of prospective dates and mates. The same goes for homes on the market. Even when the market heats up as it’s doing now, it’s not uncommon for a buyer to visit 10, 20 or even more... Read More

    The 5 Top Home Buyer Turn-Offs of 2015

    By | February 6, 2019

    Selling a home in today’s market can be a bit frustrating. There’s all sorts of home staging and property preparation advice out there, and some of it seems daunting or impossible to follow unless you already live in a haute home or have a serious bankroll set aside to whip your place into shape. You... Read More

    5 Steps Smart Sellers Take to Generate Multiple Offers

    By | February 6, 2019

    Home sales (and values) have been on a strong uptick nationwide thanks to low interest rates, freer lending standards and a drop in the foreclosure rate. Sellers everywhere are breathing a giant, collective sigh of relief! But for all of the buyer activity, it seems like most houses sit on one end of two extremes:... Read More

    5 Activities To Do in San Jose this May!

    By | February 6, 2019

    Whether you are visiting or long time resident, read below to check them out! 1.  40th Annual Berryessa Art & Wine Festival When:  Saturday May 13th, 2017 from 10am-5pm Where: Berryessa Community Center – 3050 Berryessa Road, San Jose, CA 95132 Description: Be a part of this family-friendly event held at the Penitencia Creek Park, behind the Berryessa Community... Read More

    Don’t Check Your Silicon Valley Home’s Value Without Reading This First

    By | February 6, 2019

    People throughout the United States have begun relying on “Zestimates” as their one and only source for obtaining their home’s current value. Sadly, as pointed out by the mainstream media below, this information can often be drastically inaccurate. In fact, in the United States, the median error rate is 5%. This can absolutely raise some eyebrows... Read More

    That home shows up as active on MLS, but it’s sold?

    By | February 6, 2019

    Huh? Ok, so you are saying the home you want on MLS shows up as active…  But in fact, it is actually in contract?  With a buyer?  So it is pending sale? Why?  I mean, in Silicon Valley, it is a MLS violation to list a home as “active” on the Multiple Listing Service if indeed it... Read More

    Yeah, it’s me… I’m calling again…

    By | February 6, 2019

    Yeah, it’s me…  I’m calling again… I know, I know. I called you already like 5 times this year.  I might have even texted you, or maybe even emailed you.  I suppose that I maaaaaay have sent you some information from the MLS.  I might have even sent you a video email with some pertenant info,... Read More

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