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Monthly Archives: February 2021

    Where Have All the Houses Gone?

    By Taylor Hill | February 25, 2021

      In today’s housing market, it seems harder than ever to find a home to buy. Before the health crisis hit us a year ago, there was already a shortage of homes for sale. When many homeowners delayed their plans to sell at the same time that more buyers aimed to take advantage of record-low... Read More

    47% of New Buyers Surprised by How Affordable Homes Are Today

    By Taylor Hill | February 25, 2021

      Headlines matter. Right now, it’s hard to read about real estate without seeing a headline that suggests homes have become unaffordable for most Americans. In reality, there’s hard evidence that shows how owning a home is more affordable than renting in most parts of the country, as record-low interest rates are keeping monthly mortgage payments about... Read More

    3 Reasons We’re Definitely Not in a Housing Bubble

    By Taylor Hill | February 25, 2021

    Home values appreciated by about ten percent in 2020, and they’re forecast to appreciate by about five percent this year. This has some voicing concern that we may be in another housing bubble like the one we experienced a little over a decade ago. Here are three reasons why this market is totally different. 1.... Read More

    What Happens When Homeowners Leave Their Forbearance Plans?

    By Taylor Hill | February 25, 2021

      According to the latest report from Black Knight, Inc., a well-respected provider of data and analytics for mortgage companies, 6.48 million households have entered a forbearance plan as a result of financial concerns brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s where these homeowners stand right now: 2,543,000 (39%) are current on their payments and have left the... Read More

    What Experts Are Saying about the 2021 Job Market

    By Taylor Hill | February 25, 2021

        Earlier this month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released their most recent Jobs Report. The report revealed that the economy lost 140,000 jobs in December. That’s a devastating number and dramatically impacts those households that lost a source of income. However, we need to give it some context. Greg Ip, Chief Economics Commentator at the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), explains:... Read More

    Should I Wait for Lower Mortgage Interest Rates?

    By Taylor Hill | February 25, 2021

      Historically low mortgage rates are a big motivator for homebuyers right now. In 2020 alone, rates hit new record-lows 16 times, and the trend continued into the early part of this year. Many hopeful homebuyers are now wondering if they should put their plans on hold and wait for the lowest rates imaginable. However, the reality... Read More

    What Does 2021 Have in Store for Home Values?

    By Taylor Hill | February 25, 2021

    According to the latest CoreLogic Home Price Insights Report, nationwide home values increased by 8.2% over the last twelve months. The dramatic rise was brought about as the inventory of homes for sale reached historic lows at the same time buyer demand was buoyed by record-low mortgage rates. As CoreLogic explained: “Home price growth remained... Read More

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