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8 things to do to your house, before selling!

If you are considering selling your home, don’t leave money on the table! I’ve compiled a list of things to consider doing to ensure you get top dollar for your home in this ultra competitive market.

Paint.  Adding paint helps to neutralize odors, and cover any blemishes. It gives a finished look, and allows the home to be presented in a crisp fashion.

Floors. Can your floors be cleaned? If not, you should consider replacing them with carpet, vinyl or laminate. Or, another option could be to refinish you hardwood floors.

Fixtures.  Everyone seems to forget to replace their fixtures with something more up-to-date.  Remove any ceiling fans and ensure that the size of fixtures matches the room.  Silver and chrome are all the rage.

Faucets.  Water spots… Calcium deposits…  Enough said…

Wash windows/Pressure Wash House.  Clean windows let the light in.  So get them cleaned along with the screens.  While you are at it, have the house pressure washed, to bring out the vibrance of the colors.

Landscaping.  Mulch goes a long way.  Cover all dirt with mulch, and trim and plant where needed.

Cabinets.  Grease and odors accumulate over the years. Get your cabinets oiled, varnished, or just a give them a good scrubbing.

Deep Clean.  Yes, hire a company to deep clean the house prior to photography.

Honorable mentions: Popcorn ceiling removal, counter tops, recessed lighting, re-tile fireplaces, new appliances.

Don’t leave money on the table!  Call us today, let our construction company help get your house prepped, on the market, and sold!

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