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So the listing has a pool…

So the home you’re selling or buying has a pool or spa…

Who cares right?  A pool is a personal preference. Some love them, some loathe them.  Either way, you sell homes with and without pools every day.  Sometimes they have safety equipment, many times they do not.

Is there something you’re missing?

The state of California Senate Bill 442 now requires that all homes with new or remodeled pools/spas have at least 2 of the 7 safety features listed here with the State of California under section 4:

It is also now required that a property inspector include in their reports whether there is or is not pool/spa safety equipment present at the time of sale.

So the questions that remain to protect yourself and your buyer/seller:

1.  Is the pool new or remodeled?  How do you know?

2.  Does your home inspector hold the certifications to inspect pools and determine safety features?

3.  If fixes are required to the pool or spa, who is responsible for those fixes?

Let us help you navigate selling (or buying) homes with pools.  We’ll help you create forms to use with your clients to spell out who is responsible for pool safety upgrades.  We will make sure your inspector is qualified to inspect the pool/spa and help you avoid future hassles when selling homes with pools.

Call or email us today!

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