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Yeah, it’s me… I’m calling again…

Yeah, it’s me…  I’m calling again…

I know, I know. I called you already like 5 times this year.  I might have even texted you, or maybe even emailed you.  I suppose that I maaaaaay have sent you some information from the MLS.  I might have even sent you a video email with some pertenant info, or even sent a link to a great article on the market.  I might have even dropped a personally written note card in the mail to you.  Yup, snail mail.  I miiiiight have even knocked on your door with a calendar or a NBA schedule.

Yeah, that was me.

Yeah, I did reach out to you a lot.

But hey, it’s what I do.

It’s all I know…  Real Estate. 

And real estate isn’t a part time gig.  It is a full time job.  With real things to do on a daily bases.

I mean, think about it…  It takes a few hundred dollars, some studying and a few tests (in most states) to get your license.  Then most real estate companies will hire you if you can fog a mirror.  No one really goes to college to be a real estate agent, they end up falling into it, after their primary direction is life gets altered.  So many agents come in, and leave the business just as fast…  Because they don’t call, they don’t keep in touch…

But then there are a core of us out there…

We call, email, farm, text, send note cards, door knock, do Competitive Market Analysis of your home, we send you homes to look at to buy…  Even if you are not even wanting to buy now, or even sell this year.  We do this every day. We do this every week. We do this every year.  

We do it, because we want you to think of us, when you are ready to buy or sell.

Real Estate is no longer about what company you work for, it’s about the feeling you get when you think of us.  How we can you help you, with your need.  Whatever your need is.  Fast sale? Great price? No hassle?  Guidance with the paperwork? Remodel? Choosing inspectors or contractors?

Yup… That’s why I’m calling.  And it is ok if you don’t want to sell right now. It’s also OK if you are not in the market to buy.  I’m calling to strengthen our relationship, and to be sure you know I am here when you are ready, or need some advice.

Call me today!

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